Retreat to a Whole New Look on Life











Too much time is spent maintaining a schedule.  The schedule rolls from business appointments, conference calls, luncheons not to mention soccer practice, Cinderella’s kindergarten play, or amphibious swim meet.  When is there ever just a time for me? Not enough time to decompress, sleep in, pamper…or simply hide.   What if?   You know, what if home was designed as a fortified castle in which to retreat, draw up the moat and disappear?

Boone Homes’ architects have used their pixie dust to design palatial suites for even the most weary of Sleeping Beauties.  Rapunzel would be jealous at the privacy a Boone Homes owner’s suite affords.  Leave the cares of dragon slaying aside as you cross the threshold into your room and molt into the soaking tub of the private bathroom.  Collapse into a fluffy couch away from life in your sitting room and enjoy some light reading.   Melt into bed for restful night’s sleep.   What is the recipe for this type of rest?  Simple:  Purchase Boone Home, Close the door, Enjoy, Repeat.

The homes built by Boone are magical in restoring your look on life.  Enjoy one today.   Boone Homes in Richmond is building in 8 luxury neighborhoods.  Many Showcase Inventory Homes are available and ready for your new magical lifestyle.  Call today for a personalized tour 804-218-7760.

Note: Though Boone Homes designs and builds magical homes, Magical characters not included in the purchase of a New Luxury Boone Home.