Have fun, but remember…












Wow, the official start of summer is here! The beaches will be opening, and backyard barbecues will happening all across the country. I can see Dad at the grill flipping burgers, smiling as he wears his “Kiss the Cook” apron. The kids are running through sprinklers screaming and playing, and mom and grandma are in the kitchen making iced tea and cutting up the watermelon. Yes, summer is here, and we are all ready for a nice long three day weekend full of friends, family and fun.

But somewhere during all that fun, take a few minutes to remember what this weekend is really about. It is Memorial Day, and every American needs to stop, think, and reflect on those who have served and sacrificed for their freedom. For some of us, it is very personal. My grandfather served in World War II, my father served in Europe, and my brother has served three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am sure many of you have family members who have served or are serving now. However, most importantly on this Memorial Day is to remember those who gave their lives for our country.  It is very humbling to realize the price that has been paid to give us what we take fore granted in our daily lives — freedom. The freedom to work and play; live and love.  The freedom to be Americans. So have a great memorial day weekend, have a lot of fun, and enjoy your  family and friends, but take a few minutes and remember.

All of us at Boone Homes would like to say “Thank You” to all of our veterans and their families for the service and sacrifice that they have made for our country and for our freedom. We would be honored to help any of our military or veterans looking for a new home in the Richmond or Roanoke areas, if we can be of assistance in any way, please call us.  We know all about financing for veterans and the one year extended tax credit for the military. Let us serve you.