Love at first sight




















Most of the time when you think of love at first sight you think of two people’s  eyes meeting across a crowded room and that instant connection where the “sparks flying”.

But who says love at first sight can’t be you falling in love with your new home?

I think a home is as much a part of  your style and who you are as  the clothes you wear, the job you choose, or even the spouse you pick. Your home is a part of you; it is your refuge from the world on a bad day, and  it is your celebration with the world on good days. So why not choose a home that you truly can fall in love with.  The first time I walked into my home with my realtor, I knew it was the place for me. Everyone should have that peaceful feeling of contentment in their home. Let us here at Boone Homes help you find that.

Virginia home builder, Boone Homes has such a variety of floor plans, price ranges, and architectural designs that they really have something for everyone. From the  luxury estate  homes in Westcott at Grey Oaks to the no maintenance homes in Bellingham at Twin Hickory. We have a size and price that will fit everyone’s budget. In addition, we offer homes in two of Virginia’s finest cities, Richmond and Roanoke, so whatever your re-location needs we have a community that will fit you perfectly. Why not fall in love with your home, it could be a lifetime love affair, and what better place than Virginia to find love? After all, Virginia is for Lovers.