Some Things are Better Without Commitment












With winter’s chill wearing off, cabin fever is rapidly turning to spring fever. The signs are everywhere: children are begging to sign up for sports, people are braving the elements without a coat and folks everywhere have a burning desire to catch some rays. I always know when my spring fever has set in when I have an overwhelming urge to get outside and enjoy outdoor sports.

While there are plenty of sports programs around the metro Richmond area, they often cost you in time, money and energy. That’s why one special program stands above them all due to lack of commitment: Spoccer.


Spoccer may have an unusual name, but it is treasured by all Richmonders. Spoccer is a group of people who rally around no commitment and free time and join together for games of pick-up soccer.

Spoccer advertises regular locations and playing schedules on their website. They also communicate regularly through Twitter and Facebook to organize pick-up games on the fly. This program is perfect for the non-committal: depending on location and time, all you have to do is show up and play. No cost, no commitment.

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