What Is A “Wish List”?


















Boone Homes created the “Wish List” in order to put in writing an itemized list of the options the Buyer would like to consider when they customize our plans to personalize their home and has been embraced by Buyers who have gone through the New Home Counseling Session.

During the New Home Buyers Counseling Session we invite Buyers to let us know everything they would like to have in their home and we also take the opportunity to recommend items that other homeowners have added and enjoyed in similar floorplans.

Our years of experience building luxury homes in Virginia enable us to suggest solutions to standard Buyer concerns. We also use this opportunity to share the most common upgrades that we have experienced over the last 12 months and educate the Buyer about the language for particular products and amenities.

Another purpose of the “Wish List” is to make Buyers aware of certain options that are not obvious when they look at our finished homes, such as custom baseboards that make cabinets look like furniture. The “Wish List” is also extremely valuable when a Buyer is considering different alternative upgrades. By listing complete pricing for each option on the “Wish List,” the Buyer is able to make a fully informed decision in their purchase selections.

We have also found that the “Wish List” work sheet relieves some of the pressure Buyers often feel to make decisions now. By allowing Buyers to take the information home and decide which options they would like to include and which ones they want to eliminate, a lot of the stress is removed from the process. Buyers are able to carefully evaluate their budget and take time to decide what upgrades and features are most important. Prices are all on the “Wish List,” so the Buyer knows exactly what the total cost of the home will be with their choices.

After the decisions have been made the “Wish List” becomes a part of the Purchase Agreement.  We at Boone Homes have found great value in this tool and look forward to working with you on your “Wish List” to help you custom build your new Boone home.