The 6 ½ Best Reasons Not to Build a Boone Home

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Here are the best 6 1/2 reasons NOT to build a home with Boone Homes.

1. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you prefer being limited in selections. Boone Homes proudly advertises a wide range of selections and available custom features designed to fit your improve your lifestyle.  Custom features such bright breakfast nooks, expanded master suites, deluxe mudrooms, mudroom cubbies, designer built book cases and much more.

2. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you are looking to live in desolate and hard to get to locations. Boone Homes only builds luxury homes in Virginia’s best family-friendly communities surrounded by the conveniences of life.

3. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you like to wait for your home. Boone Homes takes pride in delivering each home on schedule defect free so you can spend time with your family, not time chasing the builder to finish your home.

4. Do not build a custom home with Boone Homes if you like a home that looks like everyone else’s. Boone Homes has high standards of architecture and employs a team of architects & draftsmen to ensure each home is architecturally sound from the street and for the needs of your family.

5. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you enjoy lack of communication during the process. Boone Homes provides you with a selections coordinator and a construction superintendent to help guide you through the day to day developments and selections of your new luxury home.

6. Do not build a new home with Boone Homes if you enjoy complex and difficult processes. Boone Homes has a personal commitment to build each and every home as if it were their own while making the process pleasant.   We build your home so you can focus your efforts on living in it.

6 ½. Do not buy from Boone Homes if you are a leprechaun, sugarplum fairy, or magical wizard. Boone Homes is committed to making the construction of your new luxury home magical, but we don’t sell new homes to fictional characters.

Boone Homes proudly has showcase inventory homes available and ready to take advantage of the $6500 and the $8000 housing tax credit.