The Price of a Good Education: Priceless










As a country we had to learn the value of a dollar in 2009. Tough economic times like last year have not been experienced since the Great Depression. No more super sizing, more of us these days are looking at those dollar menus. It doesn’t make us misers just more mindful. Frivolous spending is the thing of the past.

But the one thing that people will not put a price tag on is the communities in which they raise their children. No value can be placed on that, to some it’s priceless. Our communities are strategically built in some of the best neighborhoods Virginia has to offer, like Chesterfield County for example, which own the bragging rights for being an “Award Winning School System in Central Virginia”. With schools like Midlothian and James River High Schools you can rest assured that your children will be receiving the best education that money can buy.

Schools often play a big role in the decisions we make about our new home purchase. We all want the best for our children and this includes education.

By buying a custom built home from Boone Builders, you’re ensuring that your children will attend some of the best schools in the state of Virginia. At Boone Homes we have taken the guess work out of the equation and have done the homework for you.  So come and check out some of our Luxury and Estate Homes communities like Tarrington and Haywood Village and see why “we build each home as if it were our own”.