Roanoke’s Riverdance Challenge–the luck of the Irish?














We’re going to challenge the Longest Riverdance Line World Record  but we need everyone in Roanoke to participate!  So do you think Roanoke can beat the record? Join us for the Roanoke’s St. Patrick’s day Celebration on Saturday, March 13, 2010, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m and find out !

Roanoke’s St Patrick’s Day event is one of Southwest Virginia’s largest and most entertaining festivals, currently in its twelfth year and continuing to thrive and become larger every year.  The Celtic Festival takes place right in the heart of downtown Roanoke.  Don’t miss the parade, it is one of the largest St. Pat’s parades in the entire mid-Atlantic region.  There is plenty of good ol’ fashioned Irish charm and celebration for all to enjoy.

However, there is plenty of Irish fun in Roanoke all year long at Annie Moore’s Irish pub, located on Electric Road just minutes from the Boone Homes Stone Manor and Devoncroft developments. Annie Moore’s has delicious authentic Irish food, and a fun entertaining atmosphere. 

Join us for some good ol’ fashioned Irish fun, and check out some of the great home buying opportunities in Roanoke. Once you see the outstanding quality of  Boone Homes you will see why all of hour homeowners think they have the “luck of the Irish”.

Call Tim Garrison at 540-278-1369 and give him the opportunity to explain to you why “There is something special about Boone Homes Neighborhoods!” – You may end up being the lucky one.