Be the King (or Queen!) of Your Castle


















Your home is your castle as the saying goes and no luxury home builder in Richmond or Roanoke can build a better castle for you than Luxury Virginia home builder, Boone Homes. We aim to help each buyer personalize their home to create the space they’ve been dreaming of for years.

There are always two important factors to consider when designing your new custom built home: 1) Is it me? 2) Can I resell it?

Making your home unique and an extension of your personality and families needs is extremely important. It’s equally prudent to consider resale appeal when making selections on items such as flooring, cabinetry, counters and other broad scope design features.

By making sure that your choices in regards to these items have broad resale appeal, you’re ensuring two things: 1) You’ll have an easier time selling you’re home in the future. 2) You’ll still enjoy your home 10 years down the road when your own personal tastes have changed.

Broad appeal does not mean that a house must be “beige and boring,” but it does mean that how you personalize your home should be well thought out. By selecting neutral flooring, cabinets and counter tops, you’re able to accent your home to fit your own personal tastes. For example Tropic Brown or Venetian Gold countertops create a great backdrop for personal touches like a brightly colored standing mixer or painted Italian jars.

Boone Homes installs cabinets that come in many finishes. The broad appeal  of these fixtures can be customized by adding glass doors, larger crown, end panels or one of may other features. These options can add a lot of wow factor to your kitchen without pigeonholing the cabinets to a specific taste or feel.

The same theory holds true throughout a home on big ticket items, a neutral floor can be accented with a great rug and a basic room can be brought to life with a few of coats of paint.

The premise carries over to furniture as well. You might love the pattern on that sofa today, but what will you think of it five years from now? Buying upholstery in a neutral color gives it longevity and allows personalization through throw pillows and even blankets. It is much easier and economical to change a paint color or change out throw pillows than it is to replace cabinets or a sectional sofa. Accessories and accents are a great way to add a bit of “you” to any space.

Boone Homes and our vendors are equipped to walk you through your selections process and aid you in your selections to make your new home not only the castle of which you have always dreamed, but the castle that you will love for years to come.