Laundry – the Easy Way


















Oh my Word, CeLee put up your laundry!  That is what you will hear at my house every Saturday, and sometimes more frequently, as I try to cajole my twelve year old daughter into putting away her laundry.  While I readily admit that I don’t enjoy doing laundry, it is one of those things that has to be done.  If only there was an easier way to do laundry.  But wait there is… in a Boone Homes laundry room.

Boone Homes laundry rooms spaciousness and extra cabinetry will help you have all the room you need to do your laundry easily and efficiently. You can add a deep laundry sink on your counter top  for those special items that you hand wash, as well as Mudroom cubbies to help you organize all of your families’ things.  With the extra counter space, you can even have a place for your sewing, or just extra space to organize things for your family’s busy schedule.

With a Boone Homes laundry room you can also have the latest in laundry technology, like dryers that steam dry your clothes, have sanitary cycles, and your choice of load capacity.  Washing machines that have H2ition wash system technology (by GE) this intuitive clothes care technology automatically senses the size of the load to add the right amount of water and the right temperature to use to save energy and water, and still give you a terrific clean.  Have you heard about the Clean Speak communication system (by GE)? This is when the washer communicates electronically with the dryer, which then presets dry cycles for your clothes.  All of this and you are still saving Energy.  How easy is that?  It is so easy even a child could do it. I said “Could do it,” I didn’t say you could actually get your child to do it. That is the hard part, if I figure out an easy way to get my child to do her laundry then I will let you know. Until then, why not get your own Boone Home with all these great laundry room features and more.  Call us today at 804-784-6192 for more details.