World Cup vs. New Home












After four years of patience World Cup Soccer is here!  International soccer teams from multiple countries have congregated in South Africa to impress the world with soccer excellence.  Individual talent has been honed to the sharpest edge and combined with other national talent.  Preparations have been made, stadiums have been built, noise makers have been purchased, faces have been painted in national colors and the frenzy has started!    A cultic rush of dedication to soccer, country and team will dominate the international landscape for the weeks to come.

At Boone Homes, we feel the same cultic rush, but not over the game of soccer.   The focus of Boone Home’s passion is the excellence of building your new home.  We have arduously searched best practices and sharpened our skill with discrimination. We have selected the best subcontractors and have hired a team of employees dedicated to providing you with the highest quality finished home.  The sharpest talent has been united to stream a fluid process of design, production and service of your home.   You will experience the unbeatable strategy with an unbeatable team.  Boone Homes may not be in the running for the World Cup of Soccer, but we sure would be honored to build you a new luxury home in Richmond or a new luxury home in Roanoke.