Boone Homes – the name says it all

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There is just something in a name.  Remember when your good name meant something, and someone’s word was their bond? Most of the time it seems like those days are long behind us, but occasionally you still meet people  who take pride in their good name.  I know some people like that, and their name is Boone.

When you buy a Boone home you are buying the years of hard work that have gone into creating a quality product.  You are buying the dedication of everyone associated with Boone Homes who has worked tirelessly to craft a home that sets industry standards and maintains an even higher standard with its homeowners.  Ask a Boone team member why they like their job, and they will tell you it is because they build a product they can be proud of with people they are proud of.   Ask a homeowner why they picked a Boone home, and they will tell you it is because of the attention to detail that went into planning every inch of their home.  This is called pride in craftsmanship, this is called a Boone home.

Every home that is being built is inspected on a “walk through” by the Boone family and the company administration. Every aspect is looked at to make sure that the very best is being done to create the quality product that has been given the Boone name, and will uphold the reputation of being one of the best builders in the state of Virginia.  If you’re not happy, we are not happy.  After all, it our good name at stake.

To see the difference that a good name makes, stop by our Richmond Kinloch community or our Roanoke Coach Homes of Souhwood community.  It won’t take you long to see that the Boone name does make a difference, and you will know what I mean when I say “The name really says it all.”