Did you really say a pink living room?












When Boone Homes says custom built homes, we really mean it.  Whether you want an elevator, a sturdy chandelier, or a pink living room–we are always happy to make your home just how you want it.  You may feel a little shy making a request for something that you think “sounds silly”, but believe me we have heard it all, seen it all, and yes, we can make it all happen.  Everyone has different tastes, different needs, and different dreams for what they want in their home, that is the beauty of a custom built home by Boone homes.

You can have special accommodations made for your health, or your child’s.  If you don’t want carpet, you certainly don’t have to have it.  If you need handicap access, no problem.  If you need special hook ups for oxygen equipment, we have handled that as well.  We custom build for the needs of people of all ages, and we understand that the needs of a family of four are different than those of a retired couple.  We will probably even have suggestions that will make you say “Wow, I hadn’t thought of that – it will certainly make my life easier.”  When you plan your home with Boone, you get all of our years of experience on your side to help you get what you want, and even think of things you didn’t know you wanted.  Call or come by and visit us today and let us show you the latest in Home technology, custom design, and all the many things we can do for you to help you build your dream home.