The Education of Living in Virginia











You may have read in one of our other blogs about the great school systems in Virginia, but did you know that living in Virginia is an education in itself.  Where else are you going to see so much living history, and so many places of the past preserved.  Just a short drive from Richmond will take you to Colonial Williamsburg where the past comes alive every day with recreations from the revolutionary war period, street theater, and stories of the everyday life of the residents of 18th century Williamsburg.

However, if the revolutionary war is not your favorite time period, perhaps a drive to Appomattox, Virginia, is the thing for you. Take in the sights and sounds of the place where Lee surrendered to Grant and ended the Civil War.  But if you don’t want to take a road trip, you can easily get all the education about the Civil War you desire right here in Richmond, Virginia,  from the Museum of the Confederacy to the Petersburg battlefields, and so much more.  There are countless historical places to visit in Virginia no matter which period of history interests you.  It is truly a history lovers dream to live here.

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