I want Oprah’s Closet!











I will never forget the episode of the Oprah Winfrey show that I watched when she gave everyone a “tour” of her closet.  WOW! That was all I could say. I sat there and watched in awe.    It was amazing.  She had a shelf or drawer for every color or fabric choice.  Since that episode I have dreamed of Oprah’s closet and admittedly with envy have thought how much I want Oprah’s closet !

If you have read any of our previous Boone Homes blogs, then you know that we love to make your dreams come true when build you a new home.  So I thought to myself, why couldn’t our  homeowners have Oprah’s closet?  We could make that dream come true for a lot of lucky ladies (and gentlemen too).  We offer  many options of shelving, drawer space and so much more.  You can design your own dream closet and have a special place for everything from purses to sweaters.  Just imagine having a closet that even Oprah would be envious of … okay well maybe Oprah wouldn’t be envious …but all of your friends definitely would.

Call or come by and see us today, and let us build you your dream home – every room and closet – built just how you want it.