Sounds Of Summer


The sounds of summer!  How I love thee, let me count the ways:

I love thee when I rise in the morning to sound of the mower circulating the yard in a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the core aerating and fertilizer we spread in the spring.

I love thee in the evening with the tender sound of the irrigation system perpetuating the growth cycle of the grass.

I love careful and affectionate squeaky wheel barrow, rake and blunt shovel as they captivate and restrain the rebellious mulch escaping the planting bed’s meet and bounds.

I love the sound of the gentle lob shears pruning the rose, lilac and crepe myrtle.

I love the warm sloshing of the paint brush as it gathers and disperses the paint of Love on the object needing extensive care.

I love the kindhearted ticking clock as I spend my days off consumed with you needing my presence.

Most of all I cherish the compassionate moistening of the brow and grunts for a big bottle of pain medication at the end of day….


These lovely sounds and associated feelings are cold heartedly absent in a Boone Homes No Maintenance neighborhood.   You may sell your mower, donate your wheel barrow, rake, shovel and lob shears.  Sadly, you won’t need them once you move in.  It takes time to get used to the new sounds of summer, but you will grow to love them none the less.


These might be some of the new sounds you will hear:

  • Excited conversation with giddy friends strolling through a small town delicately canvased with cute shops and restful dining.
  • The pop of a sun tan lotion lid and the breeze filtering under the shade umbrella.
  • The sound of a golf cart approaching the green.
  • Water sloshing against the side of your boat.

Boone Homes no maintenance neighborhoods will change your perspective on life.  Neighborhoods where the sounds of summer are distinctly different are Bellingham at Twin Hickory, Grey Oaks Villas, Courtyard Homes of Tarrington, Coach Homes of Kinloch and Founder’s Bridge Club Villas. With prices starting in the $300’s you can find a different pace of life.  Come visit one of our no maintenance neighborhoods and listen to the sounds of a new perspective today.