Taking the Plunge












I did it!  I jumped in and took the plunge.  I had my very first experience with sushi.  I know that may not sound exotic to you, but for me this was a big leap.

Throughout the week I meet with some of the best real estate agents from the metro Richmond area. Often times these meetings take place over lunch. When the agent I was meeting with yesterday suggested sushi, I accepted the offer not wanting to offend him.  I headed to UMI Sushi Bistro in Richmond’s West End, near the Boone Homes’ new home community of Westcott at Grey Oaks, not really sure what to expect. Would I be handed a confusing menu that I was supposed to sort out? How would I know which rolls were cooked? Which weren’t? How would I know where to begin?

Much like a talented real estate agent would do with a first time homebuyer, the waiter patiently walked me through the process, even bringing a pictorial directory of the menu to show me the details of each item.  After his careful and thorough explanations, my initial sushi fears started softening.  I ordered some “starter” sushi, knowing that my first foray into the world of raw fish needed to be a baby step rather than a giant leap.

When the sushi came out with chopsticks I encountered another mild stumbling block. Luckily the restaurant had forks, the moons were starting to align and fate was turning this once overwhelming and daunting task into a positive and pleasant experience.

My first sushi experience was just like many first time homebuyers feel at their first closing. Sitting at the table with the real estate agents and closing attorney, you are full of nervous anticipation. You’ve heard other people’s experiences with the homebuying process, some good, some bad and you’re hoping yours will be the former.

All that pent up excited energy feels very similar to the way I felt right before taking my first bite of sushi, but knowing the impeccable reputation UMI Sushi Bistro has helped ease my anticipation. I knew I was getting a high quality product and that knowledge made me feel a lot better.

That’s just the way your first home buying experience should be. When looking for custom homes in Richmond, Va., it’s important to know that your home builder is trustworthy, uses high quality materials and builds homes that will last a lifetime. Boone Homes is known for all of that and more.  Whether you’re looking for estate, luxury, no-maintenance, or active adult communities in Richmond and Roanoke, Boone Homes is the first place you want to look. For great sushi head to UMI Sushi Bistro and for a well-built home, head to Boone Homes. Take the plunge, I promise you won’t regret it.