Keeping Organized with Mudroom Cubbies


















Everyone’s life has become so hectic. Between school, sports, after school activities and the million other events happening in your life,  it’s hard to keep all your children’s little extras organized.

With Boone Homes’ entryway mudrooms and  built in cubbies, keeping your family organized is easier than ever!

This is a great space to hang coats, take off muddy shoes or wipe off muddy dog paws, drop off the mail, post reminder notes for the family. Whether you’re using it to store sports equipment, backpacks or both this room is the perfect spot to make sure all your necessities are in one place.

In addition to being visually appealing, the ceramic tile floor is durable, dirty cleats are no longer a concern as this durable floor provides an easy clean up surface as well.

Examples of the beautiful and clean designs of these cubbies can be found in the homes at Westcott in our Grey Oaks Community in Richmond, Virginia.

Boone Homes is known for building custom homes in the Richmond and Roanoke areas. If you want the best craftsmanship, elegant detailing and custom finishes like personal build in cubbies, make sure your home is built  by the best: make sure it’s a Boone Home.