Lights, Music, Action at the Barksdale Theater.











The Spelling Bee is about to begin. Anticipation fills the hall as the contestants assume their place in the sea of competitors. Up steps the first contestant, “Spell Soliloquy” rings the moderator’s voice over the microphone.

The stage is set, the challenge is analyzed and without hesitation “s-o-l-i-l-o-q-u-y” rings out throughout the auditorium. The spelling is complete and the next contestant rises to meet their own challenge. The Barksdale Theater is filled with uninterrupted action as the actors enchant the audience in the musical performance of  “Spelling Bee.”

With three different locations throughout the Richmond area for performances, the Barksdale Theater is the perfect place to take your family or have a date night. Performances can range from a simple but well executed performance like the “Spelling Bee” at  the cozy Willow Lawn Location to more complex productions at the Empire Theater in downtown Richmond.

The Grapes of Wrath is currently being performed at the Willow Theater. This award winning production follows story of the Joad family as they move from Oklahoma to California. The show will be performed now through March 21, so make sure to purchase your ticket today.

Close proximity to charming local performance spaces like the theater are just one reason why so many choose to reside in one of Boone Homes’ many luxury new home communities throughout the Richmond area.

In addition to building a custom, quality product that will last a life time. Homes built by Boone Homes are also ideally situated around the metro Richmond area. Whether you want to spend a night out on the town, or simply need to take the kids to soccer practice, everything is within minutes of home.

So remember, whenever you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, don’t hesitate to visit the Barksdale Theater. Their stories will make you laugh, weep and gasp and you’re guaranteed a night of fun.