RISE: Indoor Soccer Like You’ve Never Seen it Before


















Soccer Fanatics Unite! The day is over the night is young, let’s play soccer!

Feeling like the Virginia snow has killed any chance of getting outside for some fun with your friends? Wishing you had a place to take the kids so they could let off some steam?

Luckily I know a soccer secret hide out where no secret password or hand shake is needed to gain access to a game.  The place?  The RISE (Richmond Indoor Sports Experience) sports complex in Midlothian.

The RISE is a fully enclosed sports complex where you can choose from a variety of soccer skill levels, age groups and interests.  There are soccer groups for those still trying to reclaim and prove their youthful skill and for those who are truly youthful with skill.

I have personally joined the “wanting to reclaim and prove your youthful skill” soccer group.  I would rate the games as intense and challenging.  The RISE also uses the indoor sporting space for baseball pitching practice and Lacrosse training.

For those who live in Haywood Village at Charter Colony, RISE is just minutes from home, making it easy to take the kids to all of their weekend sporting events.The luxury homes near Richmond are  nestled in the heart of Midlothian and are priced beginning in the $400s.

With 15 different floorplans and the ability to customize any Boone Home, buyers won’t have a problem choosing the home that best fits their families needs.  For more information about Haywood Village at Charter Colony, or any of the many Boone Homes Communities, visit our Web site or call Chris Parks at 804.784.6192 today.