Speed Cook Technology Can Be Yours in a Boone Home

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Do you ever find yourself dreading the time after work? Do you hate the thought of waiting 45 minutes for dinner to cook? Do you especially hate crouching down and straining your back to pull a heavy casserole or turkey from the oven?

With a new home from Boone Homes you’ll never have to worry about those issues again. We offer appliance options that can take care of those issues – built-in oven towers with speed ovens.

As one of Richmond and Roanoke’s premier luxury home builders, Boone Homes offers the highest quality appliances designed to simplify your life on a daily basis.

One option is the Whirlpool double oven with SpeedCook technology system.  The top oven uses halogen and quartz light energy with microwave technology and cuts cooking times by nearly 50%, while still giving the same great grilling and baking results as a traditional oven.

The bottom oven features TimeSavor Plus convection cooking system and cuts roasting time by 30%.  Not only does it cook faster, but it also seals in flavors by utilizing a third heating element and fan to circulate heated air on all sides of food.  You can cut cooking time of a whole roast chicken from 1 ½ hours to 1 hour!

Recently we heard from a young couple who bought a new home in Stone Manor and installed the Whirlpool SpeedCook system. They said that it cooks bacon in about 2 minutes and that it was the best bacon they’d ever made!

Boone Homes also offers the option of the GE Monogram system with Advantium Speedcook Technology.  The top oven provides many cooking options such as speedcook, convection to bake, roast or brown, sensor microwave and warming.  The bottom oven features a Reverse-Air Convection System that circulates air and heat for optimal even cooking, even when baking on multiple racks. With the GE Advantium you can cook Chicken Parmesan in about 15 minutes!

Whether you are a young family who has a full schedule with work and children’s activities or an older couple that could benefit from having the oven at waist height, oven towers with speed ovens are a great addition to customize your new luxury home in Richmond or Roanoke.