Come Home to a Boone Home in 2011 !












Have you started writing your New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Where will you be in 2011 ? What goals have you set ?  Maybe they are the usual, lose some weight, quit smoking, eat healthier — we all have our own personal goals we want to meet in the coming year.   Maybe the changes need to start at home. Is your current home meeting all the needs of you and your family ?  Many of us are displeased with our homes and our living space, and it clutters up many areas of your lives.  A new home can give you more space you need for that exercise room, or a new home office can give you time to do those projects at home, and keep you from staying at the office so late.   A new home offers so many ways to improve your life, and your family’s.  It could be just the change you need for the New Year !

Boone Homes Roanoke is offering many new and exciting designs and floor plans, not to mention new homes with energy saving features, (save money in 2011).  Energy Efficient homes are also healthier (another resolution kept- getting healthier).  Gee – I guess you never realized a new home could help you keep so many New Year’s Resolutions did you?   Call Tim Garrison today at 540-278-1369, and let us help you get started on keeping those New Year’s Resolutions.