Would you do it again?




















“Would you do it again?”  Simply a question.  A questions which is more a synopsis of whether the purchase or event was really worth the effort and cost.   Take sky diving for example.  If I were to actually jump out of a perfectly good airplane, you might see me after the event and ask me a few questions as to why I looked so queasy and pale.  Almost without missing a beat you would pop the real questions psychologist refer to as the “meta-question.”  The Meta-question would answer everything beyond the superfluous formalities of general small talk.

This meta-question happens in every transaction whether verbalized or not.  The sky diving experience would last a few minutes and, once the parachute opens, would give you the opportunity to go on with life and never do that again.  Home buying, unlike sky diving, has implications that last a little longer and are harder to overcome should the decision prove not worth doing again.

Boone Homes realizes the reality of the perpetuity of this meta-question and has engineered a home and a process around producing a high quality product and experience.    The Boone Homes Experience is superior from our architects designing every last symmetrical detail and space to our dedicated construction superintendent managing the production of your home.   Nothing is beyond scrutiny.   Our scrutiny is what enables Boone Homes to complete and deliver homes on time and defect free 99.9% of the time (click her for our promise to you) .   Would you do it again?    Boone Homes has the highest rate of repeat homeowners of any new home builder in the Richmond.  Our quality, dedication and attention to detail echo though the halls of our finished homes.

Come enjoy the quality of home and experience a Boone Home has to offer.   Call me today for a personalized appointment and tour of our communities.   Call Chris Parks 804-218-7760 for more information or click here to contact us via email.