Don’t Buy Gifts, Buy Experiences















The season for giving is here and I thought you might want to reconsider your list.  Recently we experienced blessed fellowship in the yard with nature and specifically with leaves.  The type of experience that creates strained backs, wobbly ladders, high gutters and IcyHot patches.  Reality tells me this experience couldn’t possibly be an enduring family memory of significant value.  This experience is more a fall ritual that has met its expiration date.  Not the type of experience that is easily replaced with that of a snow shovel.  Nor the type of experience that leads to family unity.   There is more to life than these.

More to life experiences like:

  • Opening a bottle of wine with guests over a well planned meal
  • Hide and seek with a sugar pixie who should be taking a nap
  • Orchestrating a book club meeting
  • Chasing the grand kids down the hall to bed time
  • A night at the game with the entire family

A maintained community by Boone Homes provides you with a luxury new home, orchestrated and planned to provide you with plenty of opportunities to experience life.   Experience the kind of rituals you don’t mind repeating.   Experience life with family.  Buy experiences this Holiday Season.

Boone Homes builds luxury no maintenance homes in several planned communities throughout the Richmond area.   Click here to visit one today.  Or Call me 804-218-7760 for a personalized tour and information package.