Santa buys a new luxury home in Richmond!

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Santa Claus is buying a new home in Richmond VA.  Of all the wonderful choices available, he looked at many  luxury homes in Richmond before choosing the Boone Homes neighborhood of Coach Homes of Kinloch.  I can just picture Santa sitting in his beautiful new study, feet propped up on the desk eating cookies and looking over his list – checking it twice.  With the spaciousness of  a Boone Home, there is plenty of room for the elves, and Mrs. Clause is divinely happy in her new state of the art  kitchen.  The no maintenance community means that Santa won’t even have to shovel the driveway to get the sled out for Christmas Eve. Now that thought really makes Santa smile, living at the North Pole has made Santa really appreciate No Maintenance Living.  The elves appreciate it too —  you don’t think Santa shoveled the drive alone do you?

We asked Santa what made him choose a Boone Home, and this is what he said:  “Well, we checked our list twice and saw that a lot of good little girls and boys worked at Boone Homes.  We thought if they are working that hard to make quality new homes then we need to check it out.”   We called Chris Parks, collect from the North Pole, and asked him a lot of questions.   He knew the answers right away and was so helpful that we decided it was worth the trip to Richmond to see Boone homes for ourselves.  That is when Mrs. Clause met with Syonia in selections, and well that was when the decision was made.  Syonia helped Mrs. Claus with every selection for our home, making sure it was exactly what she wanted.  We chose the Blairshire plan, and we were able to add on extra bedrooms for the elves.  I met with Chester on the architectural staff, and for a few extra cookies, he worked up some great special features for me like an extra-wide chimney, and a secret passage to the kitchen (for those late night cookie runs).   I haven’t been able to get Margaret ( I mean Mrs. Clause) out of the kitchen in a week.  She keeps going on and on about her new countertops and ovens.  She is raving about the Speed Cook Technology of her new stove.   She says now she can cook for the elves in half the time.  (apparently this was a real chore before).   Santa went on and on about the space and luxury, and how happy he and the elves are as well.   He said he has been enjoying all of the great golfing near his new home in  Kinloch.   The elves have been fighting over who gets to go and caddy for Santa each day.  As the elf brawl broke up, and one very brawny elf carried Santa’s clubs to his golf cart,  our interview with Santa concluded because he couldn’t miss his tee time.

Why not let the good little girls and boys at Boone Homes show you what Santa was talking about, and let us wrap up the perfect gift of a new home for you and your family this holiday season.  Give Chris Parks a call, (804-) 784-6192, yourself and let him answer all your questions, just like he did for ol’ Santa.   If you could, try not to call collect.   Ho Ho Ho…  Merry Christmas everyone.