Exciting News!











New and Exciting!  That is the best way to sum up what is happening at Boone Homes these days.  The list of new and exciting is very large.  Let me share the news.

New and exciting floor plans!   Boone Homes has developed many new floor plans with well-planned spaces, stunning design features and never before benefits.

New and exciting architecture!  We have updated all our greatest plans to include new and exciting architecture.  This new architecture will enhance the curb appeal as well as the flow of function.   Boone Homes now offers Artisan & Craftsman architecture to fit our best floor plans.

New and exciting Website! BooneHomes.net is the best place to preview the latest floor plans and architecture without leaving your home.   Once you see the fabulous plans and architecture, you will want to schedule a time to come see them in person.

New and exciting Blog!  BooneHomesBlog.com is the best place to hear the latest information on community events, special offers and insider information.  Don’t miss a single posting.  Sign up for the feed today!

New and exciting showcase inventory homes!  Boone Homes has a wide array of homes either complete or almost complete.  These homes provide you with the best of luxury without having to endure construction.  Simply select the showcase home and move in!  Many of these homes are the same new and exciting architecture you just heard about.  Boone Homes has showcase inventory homes available in Richmond and Roanoke.

As you can see, there is plenty for us to be excited about at Boone Homes.  Don’t miss out!  Come and visit one of our locations in Richmond or Roanoke today!