Location, Location, Location …

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Thinking of moving to a new home?  Wondering where you should start looking?  Well, you should ask yourself some questions first to narrow down your search.  After all, the first decision you need to make is Location, Location, Location.  Isn’t that the key in real estate?

Hopefully, by now you have it narrowed down to what state, and city you want your new home to be in.  But that can still leave a huge area for you to search.  So to narrow your search,  think about these things, and organize them in order of their importance to you.

  • Do I want to be close to work ?
  • Do I need to be close to my children’s school?
  • What hospitals and doctors  are nearby?
  • What about parks, restaurants, and shopping?
  • Is it close to my worship center?
  • Do I want to be near family and friends who live there?

Once you have considered these items, and put them in order of importance — say your first priority is being closest to the children’s school; start looking at communities near your child’s school, and see what they have to offer.  For example, many parents in the Richmond area love Chesterfield county schools.  If you want your child enrolled there, then consider Boone Homes’  Haywood Village at Charter Colony or Tarrington Courtyard Homes.   If you need to be close to work, and you are working in the West End of Richmond then consider Boone Homes’ Coach Homes of Kinloch or  The Villas at Grey Oaks.

There are many decisions to be made along the way to choosing your new home. The first step is location.  No matter what location you decide on in Richmond or Roanoke, I am sure there is a Boone Homes community that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Let us show you some communities in your chosen “location” today, so we can show you the Boone Homes difference.  After all, We really do build every home as if it were our own.