You better shop around!













You know when you go to the mall and you are looking for one particular item, say a black skirt.  You go to every store and you try on the ones you like, look at the prices, then at the end of the day you get the one you liked the best (and your husband rolls his eyes and says that is the first one you tried on).  Well, why is homebuying any different than shopping for that skirt? You should shop around. You should visit a lot of different builders and communities and see what each one has to offer.  Write down all of the things you like the best about each one.

Why would Boone Homes want you to do that you might ask?  The answer is simple, we know we are the best.  We have the best built homes, the best communities, and we will offer you the best deal.  The list will be helpful because whatever you see you like in other places will help you communicate to our architects what you want. When you are done shopping around come back to us, and we will help you plan your dream home.

Check out our luxury homes in Richmond and our luxury homes in Roanoke and you will see we have what you are looking for in your next home purchase.  Check our our model at Coach Homes of Kinloch in Richmond, or Coach Homes of Southwood in Roanoke.   I know that we will have just what you are looking for.