The Children’s Museum opens in the West End














The Children’s Museum of Richmond has been a staple of the Richmond community for years. I went on school field trips there as a child and loved it. I’ve also brought my daughter there numerous times and I am sure someday she will take her children there as well. It has become a Richmond tradition, a place of learning and fun for all of Richmond’s children.

Now a new and exciting satellite location is opening in the Short Pump area, specifically in the West Broad Village shopping center, near Whole Foods Market. The new location will feature a hands on craft center where children can paint and do all types of fun and messy things, with the best part (for parents) leaving the mess at the center. The museum will open in early June with hours of operation from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. everyday, Sunday-Saturday.

This great new location is within minutes of Bellingham at Twin Hickory and the Villas at Grey Oaks, two great no maintenance Boone Homes communities.  While your husband and children are busy making a mess and having fun at the children’s museum, you can relax and visit the spa for that much needed facial or manicure.  Then at the end of the day everyone can come home and have family time because no one will need to mow the yard, trim the weeds, or do any dreaded yard work – in a no maintenance home it is all done for you. Life is stressful, but a beautiful maintenance free Boone home can take a lot of stress out of your life and help you make the most of  your free time.

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