I want a Sunday drive.











Do you miss those care free days of driving with the windows down with the sweet smells of spring tickling your nose?

I don’t think you can find a better place for a Sunday drive than on the Blue Ridge Parkway – right here in Roanoke, VA. Many people drive from across the state to spend the day ambling down the Parkway and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery, but for those of us who live in Roanoke, it is a local treasure that we often enjoy. The weekend is the perfect time to go up on the Parkway for a picnic at Peaks of Otter, just a 45 minute drive down the scenic parkway.

Bring your water shoes, and your fishing pole because Peaks of Otter offers a creek for the children to play in and a lake for fishing.  If you are feeling adventourous, why not hike to the top of Sharp Top Mountain while you are there.  Life seems to slow down a little bit when you are on top a mountain, the stress and worries seem to fade away.

Living in Roanoke is not always stress free, but being able to pause and look at the serenity of the mountains can bring a peaceful moment to otherwise hectic days.  One of my favorite things about the Boone Homes’ low and no maintenance communities is that they are always built in the most beautiful locations in Roanoke, so you can take advantage of the incredible scenery. For instance, the view from the Coach Homes in Southwood is something I could gaze at all day. Not to mention with that view you get to live in a maintenance free community which will leave more time for those Sunday drives. I can hardly wait for the newest community at the Ridge at Fairway Forest to begin. I know it is going to be the most amazing yet.  There are always exciting and beautiful things happening at Boone Homes in Roanoke.

Whether you are looking for a retirement home, or a great place to raise your family, Roanoke has something for everyone.  Take a Sunday drive and check us out, you may decide that you  just want to live in these mountains I call home.