Is there really such a thing as a gentle dentist?











Moving into a new area often means finding a new doctor and a new dentist. Sometimes that can be difficult because good health care relationships seem increasingly harder to find these days. It might feel archaic, but even in our modern society many people are still afraid of going to the dentist.

I used to be one of those people, then I met Dr. Pranee White and Dr. Scott White. This dynamic duo have changed how I feel about dentistry. Ten years ago I was a young woman with a mouth full of cavities because I was afraid of the dentist. Painful and scary treatments from my childhood haunted me, but soon the time came when I knew I was going to have to relent and meet the dentist. The day came, and I was treated like a queen. I was given a a blanket, pillow, earphones and soon I was sound asleep. I woke an hour later feeling like I had spent the day at the spa.

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