Doughnuts vs. Homes: A Great Comparison













The minute I opened the door, I knew I had stepped out of this world and into a heavenly realm. Delightful aromas of freshly baked goods wafted through the air, making my mouth water with anticipation. I stood transfixed as the machines rolled out the dough-nuts and sprayed a thin coat of glazing on the surface.  The scent had somewhat of a hypnotic character as I walked zombie-like toward the sales counter mumbling,  “I’ll take…”

My trip to the local Richmond Krispy Kreme bakery was certainly a time to remember. I had a hot fresh doughnut, a steaming cup of coffee and a quiet morning reading the paper as I enjoyed that sugary goodness.

To me, that trip to the Krispy Kreme is reminiscent of what if feels like when one purchases a luxury home built by custom home builder, Boone Homes. Let me explain.

No one wants a half-baked doughnut.

The same applies to new homes.  As you walk through the home you want to make sure that the home was well planned and the spaces work for your family’s lifestyle. You want a home where the master bath is a restful space, perfect  for the decompressing bubble bath at the end of a long day at work. A space where the kitchen is big enough to satisfy the gourmet cook and the busy mom alike. Possibly even a space where you have a custom-built mudroom, perfect for hiding all the school and sporting gear. Much like you want to make sure you’re doughtnut will be a warm golden brown on the outside with the soft, melt in your mouth feeling on the inside, you want to know that your house is well built and beautiful both inside and out.

Few want an unglazed doughnut.

The details matter just as much when it comes to your Richmond home as they do when it comes to your doughnuts. Whether you want a glazed doughnut, a creme filled doughnut, or sprinkles, you’re able to customize your doughnut to fit your needs. This is how buying a home from Boone Homes works. You as the buyer are able to customize every detail. No matter if you’re a simple and classic glazed doughnut or a bear claw, we have just what you’re looking for in a new luxury home.

Less is often more when it comes to doughnuts

The same can be said for houses. Often times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We get to the shop and suddenly everything looks good. What was meant to be a simple in-and-out for a doughnut and coffee has turned into a dozen assorted doughnuts for the office. While it might seem like a good idea, we are often left with the “I ate too much” stomach ache and a load of regret for all of the calories. With homes the process is the same. It’s not about the square footage, it’s about how you use the space you need. At Boone Homes we walk you through the new home building process from start to finish, ensuring that you’ll be able to build the perfect sized house for your family.

Sales specials enhance the value of a doughnut.

Though we are not selling doughnuts Boone Homes does have a variety of promotions going on right now. The $8000 and $6500 housing tax credit coupled with the Right Home Right Now program provides you with a great opportunity to purchase a new home today.

Boone Homes is committed to providing each and every customer a new luxury home built as if it were our very own. For more information stop by or call our sales center. One of our staff members would love to answer your questions, show you our inventory, or walk you through the process of building a custom home in Richmond.