Going Green?

Green seems to be the going thing these days. It is amazing how even the all the Ford F-150 lovers are even talking Green. It appears Green is here to stay. But, what does going green mean to you? From research it appears that “going green” is not established into as simple demographic as it would seem. Interestingly enough, the younger “greener” generation are less “green” than the 55+ age group.

In a recent study posted in Builder magazine written by Jennifer Goodman the concept of “going green” had little to do with the environment. In fact only 8% of those surveyed said that the environment was the top concern while 59% stated the economy was the top concern.

So, what does Going Green mean to you? What are the benefits? What are the costs? What is the value? Is there a disconnect between Value and Cost? I’d love to hear you comments & “green” thoughts.