Inherited Equity

OUT we go! It appears the cycle of a buyer’s market is beginning to fade into the annals of history.

Good news is permeating network media in the same way as when we were headed into the abyss of a deep recession.

Gratefully, now we see headlines are:

  • Home Prices Turning Around – CNBC
  • Who Should Get Credit for the Recovery – CNN
  • OEDC: Global Recession Ending – Fox News
  • Existing Homes Sell Fast — Record Fast – CNN
  • Pending Homes Sales Rise for 6th Month – Big Builder
  • New Home Sales Blast Past Expectations – CNN

Confidence in the economy is up. Sales are on the mend. Home prices are still low. What will it be?

In a previous post dated June 23rd, I posed the question: Opportunity or Temptation? How you view the opportunity in this market will determine your view on inherited equity.

Do you view the current market as a cloistered nun avoiding temptation? Or as a savvy entrepreneur seeking the opportunity. inherited equity is opportunity for the taking.