Every day we are confronted by a multitude of questions. Questions that determine whether we have a positive view of life. Questions will also determine whether we have a negative view of life.

Many of these questions are not readily obvious. These questions are lodged in the subconscious, not worn on the sleeve. Today’s questions go something like this: Where is this road taking me? Have we hit the bottom of this economic cycle? Will I have a job in “xx” months? Is it the right time to buy a home? What can I afford?

Today’s questions are different than they were just a few months back. The questions from a few months back were: Where will I spend my bonus? Where will I retire to? What can I do to multi-task this job and branch out?

May I ask a question? Why are the questions so different today from a few month back?

Your honor, may I postulate that the difference is merely circumstantial? Circumstantial, yes. How many Americans does it affect directly?

I think the national estimates are 9% +/- of people legally in the United States are deeply affected by our current conditions. So…what happened to the other 91%? They seem to be missing in action. Why? It appears the 91% of Americans are caring around a bucket filled with fears.

Just a few months ago that same bucket was filled with energy, resolve and determination. What turned the bullet proof bucket into a paralyzing pail? Especially since 91% of American remain unaffected? May I continue to postulate, your honor, that the real reason for the current condition is Analysis Paralysis? Analysis Paralysis is a condition that is generated by placing more value on evidence that is perceived to be harmful, instead of acting on what is overwhelmingly real.

There has never been a better time to get into any real estate market. Whether it be as a first time home buyer or as move up buyer. Homes are more affordable today, than they have ever been in the last 20 years or will be in the next 20 years. We each carry around a bucket of questions. How we perceive reality today will determine how we act tomorrow. There is no better time to act on the opportunity at hand.