Scripting the Future

The Tax Credit has passed! We now not only have an extension to the tax credit, but we also have an expansion.

Now homes up to $800,000 can qualify for the credit. The credit does have some restrictions, so make sure to check out all the fine print before investing.

What are the challenges? One cannot hesitate! If one plans on building one must act immediately because of the 6 month construction time frame needed to build and delivery by the date allotted. What are the reasons for taking advantage of this tax credit? There are several.

  1. Great interest rates
  2. Low inventory prices
  3. High inventory of homes
  4. Flexible terms

All these reasons are dwarfed in comparison to the last reason. The last and best reason of all? Improve your current lifestyle and situation without over extending yourself. Whether you build with Boone Homes or someone else, now is the time to build!