Will it Last Forever?

Another misgiving about the current situation in the market is the reality that this is buyer’s market will not last forever. I have had several offers to buy in the last few weeks come to me and try to negotiate the same price we gave on a home we sold earlier in the year. The push back from the seller is starting to happen.
It is difficult to gauge the exact time but as we look back at the market it appears the height of the buyers market reached it’s apex in April/May of 2009 and the buyer’s market is diminishing as we get further and further away from the those dates.
It also appears that there may be a pent up demand caused by fear that once permeated the market place. That fear is starting to erode. This erosion seems to be starting moderately by those who perceive their motivation to improve their lifestyle exceeds the perceived end of the world promoted by those in the press and the heroes in government bailing all of us out.
No matter what side of this correction in the market, the pendulum will shift… it appears to be sooner than later.
Opportunity knocks…temptation holds down the door bell, depending on how you look at the current correction is how you will react. Are you a Nun religeously avoiding anything to do with the conditions focusing on the fear at hand? Or are you hearing the soft tapping of opportunity and making the savy choice to improve your lifestyle?