Madison Village at Charter Colony

From Mary and Tom
Madison Village at Charter Colony

I’m writing to commend John and Steve, who came today and finished every last thing that was on our 11-month “punch” list and, in some cases, found other items and voluntarily fixed those. We couldn’t possibly have asked for more polite, professional and competent people than John and Steve. They both are ready and willing to “go the extra mile”. I know you realize this, but those two guys are the best and we hope you can hold on to them.

As Mary and I have always said – one of the best assets Boone Homes has are its people. The other major asset is, of course, the sturdy construction and attention to small architectural details that set Boone Homes apart.

Our hats are off to you. As a former CEO of a company for 30 years, I know employees don’t perform very well unless the people at the top “walk the talk”. It’s clear that you model the kind of behavior and customer service to make your employees want to do their best.

We know these challenging economic times are hurting builders and all the trades that depend on the builders. We sincerely hope Boone Homes will weather these stormy times and emerge again as one of the best builders in the Richmond area. We should not hesitate to recommend a Boone home to anyone.