What is an OCDD addiction?

We at Boone Homes admit we have a problem. Our problem is more like an addiction. With every addiction, the first step is admitting and recognizing we have a problem. We confess that at Boone Homes we suffer from OCDD (obsessive compulsive design disorder).

We spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about the design of the homes we sell. Our Design Team composed of Architects & Draftsmen consume many hours poring over floor plans, perfecting the details and consuming vast amounts of coffee. Consumed might be the right word to describe the Design Team’s diligence which drives the engine of design perfection, efficiency and flow. Personal pride grinds the inner gear of excellence in design.  Being able to consistently deliver an architectural masterpiece is nothing short but a stroke of genius…and hard work. What is the value of a good design?

The value of a good design is demonstrated by the end user, the family disorder has been recognized by many in our local market. This coming out has given Boone Homes a reputation and repeat clientele of 11-15% annually. It seems many families are benefiting from our short comings.Many are benefiting from our Obsessive Compulsive Design Disorder. What is the value of a good design? Great curb appeals, harmonious architecture, and an improved lifestyle. The value of a well planned design lasts longer than any warranty.

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