Value in a Process?

What kind of value do you ascribe to process? You know?? The steps one has to take to complete a task? I’m sure you say to yourself, “Why is that important? I’m very pragmatic. All is well if it ends well.” Is it? What if I told you that the care taken in executing the process is just as important as the end product? A finished home is directly impacted by the care executed during the construction process. Take a close look at the picture attached to this posting. This is a picture of one of a national competitor’s pragmatic approach to building a home. Their focus is strictly value reflected in the selling price. In the picture you will see that the home isn’t even close to being ready for windows and doors. Look closer, you will see in the front right windows & doors are sitting on site with the lumber piles uncovered. Some windows are leaning, some are stacked and the doors are stacked against the windows. By looking at the missing workers, wet road and piles of wet lumber you can gather that it is raining out. The rain will affect and possibly warp the wooded door jambs causing the doors to operate poorly. The windows are leaning against the pile of stacked windows. The stacked windows are supposed to be upright. The stacking will affect the performance of the windows. In the two to three weeks it will take to get the home ready for windows and doors, there will be forklifts, cranes, carpenters, trucks, dumpsters and more traveling past the windows and doors to complete construction tasks. Do you think the windows will remain undamaged and in perfect operating condition prior to installation? Will the buyer have to complain if the windows and doors do not operate once they move in? What if I told you most manufactures would not warrant windows that were piled as shown in this picture? Would that raise your comfort level in owning this home? What kind of value is there in the finished product if one has to nag and complain to get something new to operate correctly?

Home value is not just the glitz one can see in a sales model. Home value is contributed by the process of delivering at a finished home on time, defect free. A process that delivers homes 99.6% of the time defect free is a good process. Boone Homes is proud of this Home value.