Outcome of Recession: New and Better Business

The sign of the times is evident. Recession has caused the “too big to fail” businesses swagger under the weight of the “too big to fail” corporation size.

When revenue falters on a large scale, it is the “too big to fail” who fail. Why? Out of touch with what the consumer wants? I would venture to say yes.

The diagram describing the structural hierarchy of who to report to is so vastly diluted none at the top have any idea what the consumer is really willing to pay for. The ones who have the face time with the consumer and would be the best to share what consumers are willing to pay for are shunned as inferior instead of being looked at as market consultants. Market consultants that are in touch, that don’t come from afar bearing briefcases and lap top computers, and don’t cost near as much. Couple a disconnected company with strict view of the bottom line and you have a “too big to fail” company producing product that is mired and marginally successful.

Every industry is affected. Interestingly enough the brave are off on their own seizing opportunity. They heard the cries of the consumer. They understood the daily vote tally from the consumer willing to show the grace of purchasing favor. They launched their own flexible company to fill the need. The profile of these brave souls? Not the intellectual ones at the top, but the ones stuck in the middle. Take these two articles for example:

My take on the recovery? We will not come of a recession because the big got bigger. A recovery not led by the “too big to fail”.

The American people will recover on their own. American financial recovery will be led by small groups of brave souls willing to go out, be accessible, be different, be flexible, be better, be local. The best stimulus program: buy from the small local guy.

He’s too small, too brave, too resilient, too flexible to fail.