Are We There Yet?

I remember many road trips throughout the United States and abroad. I remember them well not because of the scenery but because they were always plagued by the enduring question “are we there yet?” I’m sure most if not all who have either traveled in childhood or have had kids traveling with them have heard this repetitious question like a scratched vinyl record.

Having traveled widely and now having 4 kids of my own, I can attest that I have spoken those words in a variety of settings. Not only as a kid, but as an adult when I was simply “done” with the transit.

It seems this iconic question is not isolated to travel, unless you consider today’s real estate market a journey. Those in the new home construction industry are wearing out the phrase. It seems we sit on the edge of our seats to just to capture the good news in the market. The blood bath of foreclosures, corporate relocation’s and short sales have deeply affected the profitability of most builders. Now that we have that blood letting behind us and when it didn’t look like it could get any worse, the government re-regulated the appraisal system giving the banks who created the mess more flexibility with the appraiser. All those in real estate can say “Are we there yet?”

Nicely enough we have started hearing good news. Tremendously encouraging good news. Are we there yet? There are still plenty of opportunities in the real estate market for the taking. I embrace the chance to offer some of those opportunities.